Some Diabetes Health Recipes

Susceptible to many diseases among older people with diabetes is the most common form of how we do this so that the elderly hypoglycemic here recommended several recipes.

Watermelon cup

Ingredients: Watermelon 1, Ren 30 grams pepper, pine nuts jen 20 grams almonds 20 grams, 100 grams chicken, ham 50 grams, longan meat 50 grams.

Method: Wash the watermelon, melon to dig under the cover, dig out the flesh, put the watermelon into the other ingredients, cover and steam for 3 hours with impermeable.

Medicinal: with meals.
Description: summer heat; against diabetes -induced heart and stomach heat, fluid Haoshang curative.

Porcine pancreatic tomato soup ingredients: a porcine pancreas, 400 g tomatoes, salt to taste. Method: cut the pig pancreas, and tomatoes cook, rotten pig pancreas, salt.

Medicinal: meat soup, every day one. Description: tonic dryness, heat fluid; effect on diabetes. Sheng Jin Zi stomach drink
ingredients: green beans 30 grams, 25 grams of fresh fruit, six grams of bamboo leaves, oranges 2.

diabetes health recipesMethod: the pitted fruit, chopped orange skin with green beans, bamboo leaves and cook for 1 hour.

Medicinal: warm drink, several times a day. Description: Sheng Jin Zi stomach, bowel stomach evil; stomach Heat diabetes curative. Yam rabbit soup

Ingredients: 1 rabbit, fresh yam 2.5 kg, spices amount. Method: the rabbit meat cuts, and yam slices, seasoning and cook, rabbit overripe.

Medicinal: 4 times to eat. L-arabinose
Ingredients: reasonable meals methods: diabetes and obesity in the population, before or during the use of the meal, the amount is 0.5G to 3G, blood glucose lowering.

Diabetic Recipes black beans mixed with cucumber

Black beans as a diabetic person’s ideal food, has a strong lower blood cholesterol role, and cucumbers also have is a strong hypoglycemic effect, today small gave you a Diabetic Recipes: black beans mixed with cucumber. I hope to be helpful to all diabetics!
Black beans mixed with cucumber materials:

Black beans, cucumber, garlic, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil.
Black beans mixed with cucumber approach:

1, black beans overnight with clean water.

2, the water boil into the beans, then add salt to make tasty black beans, black beans cooked remove and drain water.

3, cut cucumbers washed arabica.

4, put the black beans and cucumber dish, add some minced garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and mix well.

The above is about the practice of black beans mixed with cucumber introduction, we learn it? This is a very fresh and tasty dishes, and quickly learn to do about it.
Diabetic Recipes Fried lotus root slide

sweet and crisp lotus root can also be eaten raw cooking and medicinal value is quite high; especially suitable for patients with high fever patients, vomiting, diabetes, hypertension, liver disease and other food, fried lotus root slide, a very special dishe

Lotus lotus sweet and crisp, cooking can also be eaten raw, but very high medicinal value; especially suitable for patients with high fever, vomiting who, diabetes , high blood pressure , liver disease patients and other food, fried lotus root slide , a very special dishes You have to learn a science.


A lotus, ginger, oil, sugar, salt, taste and the amount.

1. the choice of the white lotus, remove the skin, wash, cut lotus root, into the cold water rinse and drain.

2. take the net wok stir pan, into lard 50 grams, with a ginger soy pan, stir fry down into the lotus root, fried side shed water.

3. to be eight mature lotus root, add salt, sugar and continue to stir fry, add MSG , transfer to a plate and serve.